Laid in Concrete

Concrete, the facts At Moray Precast we love all things concrete – it’s our passion and we like to share interesting facts as much as we can. I mean did you know that the first concrete was used by the ancient Romans as a building material where they mixed lime, water and volcanic ash?  It’s…
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Concrete around the home

When we think of concrete the first thing that comes to mind is, they grey dreary industrial look of this diverse material. These preconceived thoughts we have about concrete are usually true as we usually only see it in the construction industry where concrete is a key element. Do you wonder why concrete is used…
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The Motherland Calls

Most Impressive Concrete Structures Around The World

By far, concrete has been the number one building material. Its use has been seen for centuries where it’s used for building structures such as dams, statues, and landmarks among others. The reason as to why concrete is useful to many people irrespective of the centuries is the fact that it’s among the most versatile…
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